Will You Place a Flag on a Veteran’s Grave This Weekend?

 May 19, 2020

The Boy scouts in Colorado did not buy any flags in bulk. At least the Denver Metro Council did not. I am suggesting that each of us reach out to as many friends as possible.

I recently talked to the staff at Ft Logan, confirming the “no organized group rule”, see the notice, from the Veterans Affairs Web site. https://www.cem.va.gov/alerts.asp

Individuals, (single carloads, 5 or so), can enter and post a flag on the grave site of loved ones. And the grave sites near their family member(s).

Ft Logan has 122,000 grave sites.

If you can this weekend, proceed to any section of the grounds, and place your flags near any grave site.

Please notify other Veteran groups, retired military, your email list, facebook, and all other contacts on social media.

Let's be sure as many Veteran's graves as possible have flags this weekend.

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